Company Profile

 ARKISYSTEMS CORPORATION was established to help clients meet the many challenges of contemporary retail space design. Citadel’s underlying philosophy simply is to ensure that the store design is characteristic of the product being sold.

We believe in Visual Merchandising, or literally, “show and sell”, the same strategy employed when marketing products via magazines, newspaper ads and television commercials.

Truly, products are shown to be sold. Our value-add, however, is to move beyond Visual Merchandising into the realm of Visual Presentation, or from mere “showing” to “showcasing”. Otherwise stated, we help you present your product at its best and most impressive. That means the right setting, optimal lighting, and the best layout to provide the proper perspective. This in turn entails detailed efforts such as viewing, selecting, assembling and coordinating accessories, filtering through to find both the right items to highlight and optimal settings to emphasize how each can be used or should look.

As new designs for retail space flourish, the old formulas of visual presentation and movement through space continue to be at play, first to entice the consumer onto the shop floor, and subsequently, to win over and nurture their brand loyalty. We support our clients as they work towards these twin objectives, via close consultations and providing inputs on matters such as design detail, surface finishes, lighting and the interplay of productand space.

Citadel, as a supplier of display, shopfitting & lighting systems, is fully committed to our clients from conceptualization to installation. We provide high-quality products which strictly comply with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System (QMS). Ultimately, we at Citadel continue to take store design planning and visual presentation to the next level through various innovative, value-for-money ideas and design concepts, always keeping in mind the functionality, durability, cost effectiveness and brand development of the products that best cater to the market of our clients.